Cielos Lighting in Healthcare

The "Kompetenzzentrum Licht" group of manufacturers, including Zumtobel, Osram and Bene Consulting, has carried out a study investigating the benefits of intelligent lighting solutions on wellbeing at Vienna’s St Katharina residential care home.
The study looked at the biological effect of light on residents’ circadian rhythms and specifically whether intelligent artificial lighting systems could compensate for lack of daylight. Cielos modules designed by Billings Jackson were installed to create a luminous ceiling, together with various recessed luminaires and downlights and a Luxmate Professional lighting management system. 
Several static and dynamic lighting solutions were tested, delivering variable illuminance levels, over the course of a year. The clear benefits included fewer sleep interruptions, reduced anxiety and a significant improvement in communication and participation in activities. 
A lighting solution of this kind is roughly 5 times as expensive as standard lighting but the investment is balanced by the significantly reduced need for psychotropic drugs and the obvious added value in terms of patients’ quality of life. The findings will be presented in full at Medica Düsseldorf from 16-19 November.

Image courtesy of Zumtobel