NYC DOT Plaza Kiosks

Billings Jackson Design was retained to develop the citywide standardized design for a new plaza kiosk to be installed in newly created plazas and park spaces across the five boroughs of New York City. The kiosks allow NYC DOT’s partners to generate revenue in plazas through the introduction of a sub-concession, where the revenue is dedicated to plaza maintenance. The kiosk design won an award from the Public Design Commission in 2018.

The brief demanded that the kiosk not only support the income generation but also assist in the activation of the space and provide a convenient amenity for plaza users. The design, which is intended to be harmonious with the city streetscape and other furnishings, is owned by the City of New York and the kiosks are designed such that they can be quickly, easily and affordably procured by the City and installed by their contractors, or be ordered by NYC DOT’s partners and sub-concessionaires.

The design of the kiosk’s structure and cladding systems is symmetrical and modular to reduce part types and costs, yet allows for the partner and concessionaire to customize the interior fit out to suit their operational preferences. It does not have an obvious front or back, as the kiosks are often positioned near the center of plazas or where multiple approaches are possible. The kiosk integrates lighting, water and sewer connections service suitable for food preparation, electrical service, HVAC, and data connectivity.

Billings Jackson also developed the single application guidelines for the kiosks in response to the Public Design Commission’s concern that individual branding would subsume the design.