SkyView Wellness Table Lamp

SkyView for BIOS Lighting is the first table lamp of its kind, combining the convenience of a ‘plug and play’ luminaire with BIOS SkyBlue circadian technology. The BIOS light spectrum brings biologically optimized light indoors for the first time and is proven to improve productivity, physical and mental health, and wellbeing.

Artificial light is not bright enough to synchronize circadian rhythms by day and it interrupts sleep at night. At a basic level, being starved of natural light limits ability to focus and perform. More seriously, improper light exposure is linked to mood disorders and chronic illnesses.

SkyView is a proximal solution, helping specifiers to meet WELL Building Standards while minimizing energy use. Throughout the day, SkyView adjusts the spectrum of light to the optimal composition to support circadian rhythm, using color separation to capture the essence of being outside.

The app enables users to customize the lamp with personal sunrise and sunset times and durations. Low energy, low intensity natural light at eye level is key to comfort and body-clock alignment, and SkyView produces the visual, emotional and biological effect of being outside at the flick of a switch.