Moscow Metro Wayfinding

Billings Jackson Design was commissioned by wayfinding specialist City ID to collaborate on the design and development of a new wayfinding solution for the Moscow metro network. The Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development appointed City ID on the strength of its award-winning work in the UK and USA.

The solution was conceived as part of a drive to improve the legibility and experience of the city and in particular to highlight the extraordinary and unique architecture of the metro. The range of floor, wall and ceiling mounted products will display City ID’s new maps to improve orientation and wayfinding for local people and visitors alike on one of the world’s busiest metro systems, which sees twice the number of journeys as London Underground. The various typologies can accommodate the multiple install requirements across the 195-station network.

The iconic circular totem references the beautiful arched form of many of the metro stations as well as echoing the Koltsevaya (circle) line at its centre. Materials are selected to be robust and practical in a heavily trafficked environment while at the same time complementing the exquisite architecture of the stations.

The prototype signs, manufactured by Lindner Group, have been installed in Kuznetsky Most station. The full wayfinding system is to be rolled out across the network in 2015.