Zurich Light Rail System

Billings Jackson Design worked closely with Kai Flender Architects at the concept stage to develop a station for Zurichs light rail system, which now runs from the north of the city to the airport. A key concept for the shelter is the creation of a single wall with a pleasant ‘window’ that is lined with inviting, warm timbers, allowing passengers to sit comfortably, in a safe, well-lit area while waiting for their train.  The window also “frames” the view at each location, celebrating the unique environment at each stage of the journey. As the train glides out from the urban centre into the greenery of the surrounding suburbs, the window brings focus to that change while the shelter, in contrast, remains uniform. This allowed for a line wide unitised system without compromising the individual locations. The structural “Wall” provided a clean block to house ticket machines, information, trash disposal and advertising. It was designed to be future proof, allowing panels to be swapped out if equipment becomes redundant or needs  replacing.

Kai Flender took the concept forward and worked closely with Burri manufacturers to deliver extraordinary quality and go on to create a benchmark light rail solution.